22 wrz 2008


Warsaw ANTIGAMA have entered the studio this weekend to record their as-yet-untitled fifth full length, and second album for Relapse Records.

"Resonance" follow-up is being recorded in their hometown Warsaw at Progresja Sound, again with outstanding producer Szymon Czech (Third Degree, Nyia, Vesania, Unsun). The session will take about two weeks and mixing will follow shortly after. The record will see an early 2009 international release date.

After crucial line-up changes that the band went through couple months ago Antigama's guitarist Sebastian Rokicki promises their new album will be the best and landmark release in whole band's career.

Besides, the drummer Krzysztof "Siwy" Bentkowski has been featured on SickDrummer.com – the home for extreme metal drummers. To find out more about Siwy and what he is up to check www.sickdrummer.com and Prog / Experimental section or read the interview directly at this location: http://www.sickdrummer.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=978&Itemid=596