27 sty 2011

ANTIGAMA: New music, 10th anniversary, Gebofon 2011!

Hello there. Some news from our camp. After long silence due to making new material, completing the line up and doing other non musical things the band entered the studio in January to record the new material. The songs were recorded in "Progresja Studio" with Pawel Grabowski and mixed and produced by Szymon Czech. The new stuff will be released soon on the split CD with Italian grinders Psychofagist. The preview of the new music will soon be available on band's official webpages. Apart from the tracks recorded for the split CD Antigama have almost completed rehearsing for the upcoming full length record. The new yet untitled album will be recorded and produced by Szymon Czech in spring 2011. It seems to be the most diverse recording from the band so far.

10 years of ANTIGAMA
For this year's Antigama's 10th anniversary the band plan a special gig with invited guests in Progresja club at the end od 2011 and a special CD compilation on their 10-year music journey with previously unreleased material, live trax, remixes and covers. Antigama also plan to play gigs in Poland and abroad. In the nearest future the vocalist Lukasz Myszkowski will take part in this year's Gebofon, a festival of vocal arts devoted to the phenonenon of human voice. His workshops and special live show accompanied by bands guitar man Sebastian Rokicki will take place in in Filharmonia Lodzka in Lodz in February. (details: filharmonia@filharmonia.lodz.pl)


"Antigama are a grindcore band custom designed for the future." - METAL HAMMER

"Antigama boast a strategic arsenal bloated with liberty, fraternity, equality, brutality, dazzling instrumental prowess, noise fever, and a razor-sharp sense of humor." - Decibel

"Seemingly unable to disappoint, Resonance is sure to solidify an already impressive reputation as one of the genre's first-rate up -and-comers." - Exclaim!